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Bitcoin has seen the price falling and continues to break support after support. Blood is in the street and we’ve been in extreme fear on the Fear and Greed index for a good long while now.


The last bull cycle peaked at nearly $20,000 USD before crashing down to scary levels. There was a time last year when everyone was elated the price hit $9,000 USD.

To say Bitcoin is volatile is like saying a lava is a bit warm. The truth, for some of us, is that the latest all time high of ~$64,000 was just a data…

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She lightly taps the singing bowl with a wooden dowel. I sit on my meditation cushion with twenty other people in the room… and the urge to check the time is unbearable. I know I just got here, and I’ll be here for an hour meditating in a group session at the local Shambhala center, but I’m already bored. I can do this! I focus on my breathing, my body begins to relax… and I catch myself drifting off to sleep. Sigh.

Meditation is hard!

There has to be an easier way.

I keep trying meditation off and on, trying…

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I opened my email just like any other day. Thousands and thousands of emails on top of each other. Years of messages piling up. And my anxiety, once again, kicks in. I hate that every time I look at my inbox my heart turns into a xenomorph chestburster. I can’t find anything and there’s too much stuff!

That was me over 7 years ago. Right now, I have two emails in my inbox and this is a bad day for me. …

Everyone is going to have their own ideas about what should happen after the events of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. I’d like to offer own idea which I’ll put forward—but first, let me explain what Lucasfilm shouldn’t do.

I should also take a moment to explain that I think it’s okay to explore earlier time periods of a galaxy far, far away. I’d love a Knights of the Old Republic trilogy and am looking forward to the Kenobi series. This is about what should transpire after the events of Rise of Skywalker.

Spoilers going forward!

No Yuuzahn Vong

The one idea I…

Before I do a deep dive into getting around to some possible answers, here’s your fair warning about spoilers for Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker.

Seriously, there will be spoilers from here on out!

Who Are Rey’s Parents?

Funny enough, we still don’t know much about them. They’re still a bit of a mystery but what we do know is that Rey’s father was played by British actor Billy Howle.

The bigger reveal is, of course, he is Sheev Palpatine’s son and that raises a huge question as to where the hell was he all this time? …

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Almost ten years ago, I suffered through the worst events of my life. Over the course of several months I lost my fiancée, my job, and my apartment. She even took the cats.

I found short-term work at an office I despised working at and had to move in with my brother. The job wasn’t in my field or interests. In short, my life collapsed in staggering fashion.

She even took the cats.

I’m a creative worker and I need to work in something art related. An office job where I was pushing paper around was worse than death, it…

Spoilers for Game of Thrones — obviously!

The dust has settled and we finally know who will sit on the Iron Throne by the end of Game of Thrones — or who would have if Drogon hadn’t melted the thing down to nothing: Bran the Broken.

But the more interesting question is whether anyone cares. My own reaction to it was “that’s fine, I guess.” Bran did precious little this entire season so I gave it a shoulder shrug.

Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen completely flipped out in the penultimate episode and turned into conquering fascist. …

And a warning against going too far in your pursuit to shed the pounds.

I do not look fat. I don’t suffer from body dysmorphia and my weight isn’t a serious health issue. So when I tell people that I’m on a diet they look at me and say “you don’t need to go on a diet. You’re not fat!” But the reality is that I am overweight, and I’ve been packing on the pounds slowly over the past five years. At 5'9" with my body frame, I should be between 125 lbs. and 168 lbs. and I was nowhere near that when I started my diet.

The trigger to really start losing weight…

The 3 act structure is one of the best tools to write a novel, movie, or pretty much any other story — even though it actually has 4 acts. I’ll get to that in second, but first, here’s a breakdown of the 3 acts.

Act 1: The Setting

The first quarter of a story is Act 1 and it sets up the world. Kick it off with an interesting first image or scene which sets up the story’s mood, texture, time, and place. The main characters, their situation and back-story are typically introduced in this act. …

Game of Thrones creators and showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were announced to be working on a Star Wars trilogy a while back. Just this past week, it was revealed their trilogy would go into production with the first film planned for a December 2022 release.

Unfortunately, this news came on the heels of a divisive reaction to the latest episode of Game of Thrones. So the fandom went nuts and has already begun declaring their Star Wars films as the worst thing ever — which is surprising since they don’t exist yet.

Everyone and your grandmother has an…


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